Best 2021 Franchising Opportunities, according to Experts

Whether you’re a seasoned Franchisee, or an aspiring Entrepreneur looking to own your first business, there are a plethora of Franchise opportunities on the market.

While it’s true that the success rate in Franchised businesses is 50% greater than independent businesses, careful consideration of your personal objectives and positioning is essential before buying a Franchise. Finding a suitable franchise and deciding whether a particular Franchise is right for you requires thinking about your goals and expectations, as well as your financing abilities.

Goals and Expectations

If the idea of purchasing a business with an established brand, structure, and support system appeals to you, as opposed to starting your own new business from scratch; then Franchising may be for you.

If you like the idea of working for yourself, rather than by yourself, assistance with lease negotiations and site development, and access to established standard operating procedures and operations manuals, likely appeals to you. However, it’s important to be cognizant of the reduced autonomy associated with operating a Franchised business, than if you were operating your own business.

Financing Abilities

When considering the financial side of things, it’s important that you look beyond the minimum investment requirements and consider your ability to cover expenses before your business becomes profitable. Before buying a Franchise, you should be assessing both how much you can realistically invest, as well as how much you can afford to lose.

Best Franchising Opportunities according to the Experts

After you’ve considered your personal objectives and financing abilities, it’s time to find the right Franchise Opportunity. With over 30 years’ experience in the Franchising game, our team of experts are skilled at identifying hot talent. Upon careful consideration of several factors, including market outlook, strategic direction and growth potential, we’ve identified some of 2021’s Best Franchising opportunities.

Hospitality Franchises

Find yourself yearning for succulent American Smoked BBQ, but don’t have the time or desire to deal with 12 – hour cooking times?

Meet Smoky Sue’s. Skilfully combining traditional American Barbecue, with French Sous- Vide technique, Smoky Sue’s delivers consistently tender American- Style smoked meat in a family-friendly Fast Casual dining experience. Smoky Sue’s unique cooking process delivers significant efficiencies, facilitating a 3-hour cooking time, translating into lower labour and operational costs. The time and infrastructure required is less than comparable BBQ businesses and other fast casual dining restaurants, which essentially means you can do more for less.

If a modern Australian twist to a traditional Asian street food is more up your alley, Bao Brothers delicious Asian- inspired Fast Casual dining may be for you. With a flexible model, offering the option of a kiosk setup or fast-casual dine in restaurant, Bao Bros has a low point of entry relative to the rest of industry, presenting an extremely competitive Franchise opportunity.  Carefully crafted food, backed by chef-inspired techniques creates ‘plus one moments’ to Foodies all over the country, and they’re on the lookout for likeminded individuals passionate about shaking up the Australian dining scene.


In the era of the ‘Influencer’, gaining entry into the highly competitive and steadily growing, Hair and Beauty industry, presents a lucrative opportunity for aspiring business owners. Leveraging the reputation of an established and renowned brand like SARAH JADE HAIR allows you to exploit the growing demand for Hair extensions and Hair transformations with the support and credibility of an extremely successful and coveted brand. SARAH JADE HAIR has a very unique offering, specializing in premium grade hair extensions and superior colouring and cutting services.

Maybe you’re more of a Nails type of person, and see the rising trend of ‘Convenience’ as a business opportunity. Nail Call, an all-mobile nail salon catering to clients of all ages, allows ease of access into the waxing and nail industry. Requiring significantly less capital than a fixed-location salon, Nail Call presents an exciting opportunity for avid Nail aficionados to enter business ownership and provide top-quality pampering to clients across the country.

While our team of experts have identified the aforementioned brands as fantastic franchising opportunities, it is important to do your research and consider all of your options before buying a Franchise.

Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in learning more about Franchising, or need help evaluating the suitability of a Franchise opportunity.

Additionally, we are holding a free Franchising Info Evening on the 10th May at Actors Centre Australia, Leichhardt, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet with 10 successful Franchise brands who are looking for franchisees.