Naked Foods Case Study

ACT I – The Situation

Naked Foods Organic Health Foods was established to reshape the modern diet, shedding the unhealthy components weighing people down and holding them back. Founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Caique Ponzoni, Naked Foods sprung to life in local Sydney Farmers Markets, with Ponzoni soon realising there was a real passion and appetite from Aussies to eat better, be more informed and do their part to reduce their impact on the environment.

Naked Foods was a great little business that had grown to 8 retail stores in Sydney and had just started franchising, the business was run very lean with just the founder and 2 part time staff driving the growth. The founder wanted to grow the business to provide for his family and at some point, exit the business.

Customers loved the brand and Caique wanted and needed to expand and the best way to do that was through franchising but he needed a plan, some mentoring and some systems to help the business scale.

They had fantastic organic growth but had not documented their systems and business model and in order to grow through a franchise model they needed all the materials to ensure smooth operations and to assist as sales assets when it came to presenting the business opportunity to potential franchisees.

ACT II – Enters Franchise Ready

Caique was new to Australia, to business and franchising and he needed a mentor to help him navigate the challenges that came with being a franchisor and supporting his franchisees.

Most successful business owners do an amazing job building their businesses to a certain level and this is usually achieved by their hard work and most of their systems and processes are in their heads, in order to scale and grow these business owners need to document their business model and systems to enable them to step away from the day to day, working in the business so they can work on the business.

Being a franchisor is a totally different business model, to being the owner of the concept and business that was originally created and consequently these emerging franchisors need support in making that transition from business owner to franchisor.

We started working with Caique and Naked Foods in 2016 initially as the business coach and mentor assisting Caique with the creation and implementation of his strategy to grow the business. We would meet with him monthly in strategic sessions and compliment this with his attendance at mastermind meetings with other emerging franchisors where in a very structured manner each of the business owners would present a topic and receive feedback and advice on how they could deal with that particular topic.

We were available to Caique over the phone at any time and for special projects such as franchisee relations, recruitment of franchisees and key executives and site identification and leasing.

ACT III – Success As Franchisors

Over the first 18 months of working together the business grew from 8 to 21 stores and the business needed more help with advisory services and documenting the business model and creating the tools and resources needed to support the franchisees as it was difficult for Caique to personally support every franchisee and grow the business.

Franchise Ready created all of the systems, tools and resources that were needed to support the business and franchisees and enable Caique to take on the executive role as CEO focussed on business growth.

Working with Franchise Ready enabled the business to grow from 8 to 21 stores (163% growth) expanding from Sydney into 3 other states.

The monthly strategy sessions, phone support, mastermind meetings and special project work provided strong and experienced support and mentoring for Caique.

Featured on Channel 7 Kochie’s Business Builders

Caique successfully built a 21 store Franchisee Network, they saved over 30,000,000 plastic bags from the planet by selling health foods in bulk, generated over $60,000,000 in sales.

All of this work contributed to Caique being able to significantly increase his return, his salary and secure an equity business partner. That equity partner is one of the most iconic Vitamin Brands in Australia and Caique was able to successfully sell the entire business to them and in so doing set Caique up financially for his family and his ability to move into a new franchise business opportunity.