Franchise Contracts: Are they Negotiable?

We often are asked this question by budding first-time franchisees, especially those considering emerging brands. The reality is, the vast majority of franchisors are not open to negotiating their franchise contracts. It is advisable to have a lawyer with franchise experience look at any potential franchise contract and give you an honest assessment about which […]

Franchising through the Ages – A Generational Perspective

Times are changing and things are moving quicker than ever before, never has that been more evident than in the case of business ownership and entrepreneurialism. I don’t know about you, but I get confused about generational labels being used and what they actually mean, as if these labels weren’t confusing enough to keep up […]

Meet Rahul Malik- Director of Franchise Ready India

1. Why did you join the Franchise Ready network? I have been in touch with Doug for more than a year and was amazed with the systems and processes that Franchise ready has created. I was an independent franchise consultant and becoming Franchise Ready franchisee has given me access to expert guidance, proven systems, ,network […]


Business Ownership versus Self-employment “Every business owner is self-employed, but not every self-employed person is a business owner.” —Doug Downer Around 16% of the world’s eligible working population get into business ownership, and they do this for several reasons: it may be to be their own boss, to take control of their life and future, […]

Meet Tim Horbury -Director of Franchise Ready SA

1. Why did you join the Franchise Ready network? Owning a franchise business can be both rewarding and terrorising, I bought my first franchise in 2019 prior to relocating back to Adelaide after 12 years working in the sector in Sydney. My first franchise was bought with the knowledge that franchising was a great way […]

These Are the Musts for the Franchise that You’re Considering Getting into

Top 10 Traits of Successful Franchisors A proven business modelThe business needs to deliver a fair ROI that is as competitive or more competitive than othercomparable franchise opportunities. The business needs to have traded and demonstratedsuccess, ideally across multiple locations.The size of the network or the age of the business does provide a longer history […]

Find, Keep and Grow the right customer

Marketing and Sales “Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feelsmart”.– Joe Chernov. One of my clients has built a $10 million dollar business in just over 2 years with a marketing budgetof just $200 a week, and next year their business will turnover of more than $20 million dollars. […]


What Is Franchising? “With a franchise, you have someone who cares as much about the businessname and image as you do because they own it”—Jim Evanger WHAT IS FRANCHISING? Have you ever heard the term ‘disenfranchised’ and wondered what it meant? Every time I hearthat someone is disenfranchised, I cringe. It is used out of […]


All Things Financial “Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship”.—Benjamin Franklin Setting up to be a successful business is no easy feat. It requires guts, hard work, and a goodsystem, particularly when it comes to financial management. Running a successful businessmeans that you now have even more responsibilities on your […]