Meet Rahul Malik- Director of Franchise Ready India

1. Why did you join the Franchise Ready network?

I have been in touch with Doug for more than a year and was amazed with the systems and processes that Franchise ready has created. I was an independent franchise consultant and becoming Franchise Ready franchisee has given me access to expert guidance, proven systems, ,network support through IFA & GFA. Franchise Ready’s presence in Australia is well established, and I wanted to leverage the brand strength and repeat the same success and build the same culture in India.

2. What is your best piece of advice for business owners curious about franchising?

Understand the franchise model thoroughly, develop support systems for franchisees, engage professionals for strategic guidance, and select your franchisees carefully.

3. What is your top tip for Aussie brands considering expanding into India?

Prioritise cultural sensitivity and localisation. A brand entering India must adapt to local marketing strategies. If it is a food chain it must have a menu that should comprise of 20%-25% having local taste and customs, this is the key to being successful in this huge market which is only the second biggest after the US.

4. Describe your work style.

Having been a franchisee myself of an international chain, I believe in a professional setup, collaboration and team building. A team leader rather than being a boss, working with clear communication and being a problem solver.

5. Any secret talents?

Fitness, early riser & friendly.

6. Your favourite local foodie spot?

Bastian & Sernyaa(Tibetan) both in Mumbai

7. How would your clients describe you in 3 words?

Fair Minded, Reliable & Ethical

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