Franchise Ready Awarded Best Global Franchise Consultancy 2021

Franchise Ready has seen remarkable success in the past 12 months, as we work with more and more businesses looking to develop their systems and elevate their business. Our tried-and-true approach has allowed us to transform over 50 Australian businesses into successful franchisors equipped with all the right materials required to scale and grow.  

While the triumph of our clients is gratifying in itself, we are absolutely thrilled to learn that our dedication is being recognised in the wider industry, on both a national and global scale!

In 2020, we gained National recognition as the Australian Franchise Consulting Firm of the year. Receiving such an accolade really reinforces the dedication and quality of our team and the value derived from our fresh perspective. Backed by years of industry experience, it’s unsurprising that our unique approach has garnered such renown.

At Franchise Ready, we work as an extension of your team, getting to know you and the inner-workings of your business, ready to answer any enduring questions. We work with clients at all stages of the process, from those on the fence considering ‘Should I franchise’ (Try our Franchise Readiness scorecard) to those further along, wanting strategic assistance on the actual ‘Steps required to franchise’.

Our work at Franchise Ready is based on the belief of our founder, Doug Downer, that ‘Not every business should franchise but they should all think and act like a franchise business and that will assist in ensuring their success’. The beauty of Franchise Ready, is that we can be as involved or uninvolved as you like – we are just as happy to hold your hand as we are to provide arms-length guidance.

While we are confident in what we do – just look at our track record: brands that have worked with Franchise Ready have scaled and grown on average over 200% a year, it is extremely exciting to see our efforts are being noticed.

If national recognition wasn’t enough, we were delighted to learn that Franchise Ready is the 2021 recipient of the Global Franchise magazine’s Best Global Franchise Consultancy award.

It’s great to see the efforts of our team being recognised and awarded, particularly given the calibre of the other nominees, at the judgement of such esteemed industry leaders. We are extremely appreciative to see the acknowledgement of our hard work, particularly on the global stage.

Committed to helping budding entrepreneurs achieve their franchise dreams, Franchise Ready is excited for what the future holds. In the words of Doug himself, “We will launch and support more than 30 brands into franchising this year, this says a lot about business confidence, entrepreneurial spirit, the strength of the Franchise Ready Team and most importantly the trust that our clients put into us, in allowing us the privilege of working with them”

So whether you’re just starting your franchising journey, or are an established brand looking to elevate your business, get in touch:

Email: or reach out to Doug on LinkedIn