Meet Tracy Eaton -Director of Franchise Ready WA

1. Why did you join the Franchise Ready network? 

I met Doug over 30 years ago during my McDonald’s career. I travelled to Sydney regularly to facilitate and present at McDonald’s top training course, of which Doug was also a trainer.

Since then, I’ve been a business consultant and trainer across many industries, and worked with SMEs, franchises and corporations, in my own small business and as a license partner. Over the past few years I’d seen Franchise Ready grow and receive many accolades, both in clients’ success and winning awards. Doug was coming across to Perth for the franchise expo and I wanted to share what I was up to, as did Doug. I was not expecting the proposal of me becoming the WA Franchisee. Joining Franchise Ready was a really easy and timely choice for me. The systems and programs are excellent and proven at all stages of franchising, the team is awesome with everyone having many years franchise experience, and the belief in franchising is so strong that Franchise Ready has now franchised. Alignment is important to me and this pulls together all my business experiences and I really look forward to facilitating win/win/win outcomes.

2. What is your best piece of advice for business owners curious about franchising?

Curiosity is a great thing, so explore franchising with openness. Have plenty of conversations with, and ask lots of questions of, reputable experienced franchising specialists that take the time to find out what you want to achieve. Attend FCA events and engage with other leaders in the franchise sector, such as franchisors, accountants, lawyers.

3. Describe your work style.

My style is collaborative, strength based, team focused- specialising in communication, leadership, wellbeing of the leaders, the humanity in business. I’m all about the people, their vision and how to achieve more through others and with others.

4. Any secret talents?

For many years, I’ve been a practitioner of Natural Therapies– Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) and Kinesiology – which reduce stresses, blocks and imbalances and facilitate positive changes energetically, emotionally, mentally, physically. The wellbeing of leaders is vital to the success of the business and the performance of the team, so I now include these modalities as part of my mainstream business offering.

5. Your favourite coffee spot in Perth

My home coffee machine. I love making my coffee and savouring it while I write, reflect, ‘aha’ each morning. That said, I do love meeting people at many great cafes, especially where there is a water view, like Mister Walker at the South Perth Jetty.

6. Western Australia’s best kept secret is….

Easy… Franchise Ready. Totally new to WA and won’t be a secret for too long! The other things you may have heard about WA are all true- the amazing beaches, climate, down south, wineries, Rotto, Freo, Swan river, lifestyle, vastness.

And yes, the 3 hour time difference behind Eastern states for 6 months of daylight savings is REALLY hard.

7. How would your clients describe you in 3 words?

Vibrant Authentic Caring

Want to get in touch with Tracy or the Franchise Ready team to learn more about how to scale and grow your business through franchising? Call Tracy directly on 0412155875 or email